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How to Climate “Change” for the better

    Yes, that is Pope Francis. That is in fact the leader of the Catholic church, in a blog post usually about mobile facility management trends, advantages, and ideologies. You also noticed the little speech bubble above his head, correct?   As Pope Francis’s papal legacy has unfolded, he has been a supporter of […]

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Are you “Mobile First,” or “Mobile Worst?”

  Facility management has long been an inherently complex and challenging role—simply because of tenants’ disparate needs and the limited resources of any given building. As such, it’s no surprise that enterprises have been working to weave technology into the process for a long time. Interesting, however, is that—prior to CrowdComfort—none of these programs were […]


Communication as a Key to Team Success

Excellence in communication is pre-emptive to excellence in general. The best organizations utilize all the major tools and techniques in order to properly relay messages and collaborate on ways to improve.   Let’s use Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, or any sports team, as an example: The quarterback, linemen, receivers, tight ends, running […]


Location Matters: Let’s use Geotagging to Improve EHS Reporting

    Geotagging is the ability of internet connected individuals to mark their geographical position. This can be through social media, or their stock apps on a smartphone.  With the current “digital population” growing (over a billion users on Facebook alone,) the potential of geotagging grows exponentially. CrowdComfort’s tech utilizes geotagging and “geo-reporting” to ensure the most […]

Emphasize Tech’s Strengths, Maximize the Human Touch with DGM

When facility managers get the small stuff off their plate, great things can happen. Facility management has become an increasingly complicated role over the years, as those charged with maintaining buildings are often spent juggling disparate preferences, large campuses, and a diverse body of internal systems. As such, resources for these departments are often stretched […]

A Personalized Touch

Smarter facility management starts with having the right data points.   Today’s world is one in which watches count steps, phones track traffic, and lights automatically dim or brighten upon our arrival home. Unsurprisingly, this “Internet of Things” is redefining the way that people live—streamlining everyday actions for greater efficiency, improved health, and financial savings.

Woman vs. Machine

Sometimes, there’s no substitute for the things that make us human.   Each day, we fall further and further behind our machine counterparts in a wide spectrum of skills. We’ll almost certainly never catch up in math, information retention, or data processing speed. And, while we’re creating new categories of jobs as a result of […]