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Are you “Mobile First,” or “Mobile Worst?”

Mobile First Advantages


Facility management has long been an inherently complex and challenging role—simply because of tenants’ disparate needs and the limited resources of any given building. As such, it’s no surprise that enterprises have been working to weave technology into the process for a long time. Interesting, however, is that—prior to CrowdComfort—none of these programs were actually built on “mobile first” technology.


For those without extensive tech backgrounds, “mobile first” applications are those which were designed specifically for optimal use on mobile platforms, such as cell phones and tablets. In a recent article, TechCrunch explains this category quite well:


“Mobile-first applications, which treat mobile use cases as the priority rather than the afterthought, are certainly an improvement over traditional, “pave-the-goat-paths” ones, which simply mimic desktop functionality on mobile platforms. Mobile-first services have more elegant and intuitive user interfaces, and they take greater advantage of some of the unique properties of smartphones and tablets. These include the ability to gather data via sensors and lightweight user inputs, frequent, in-the-moment, ‘bite size’ usage, and hyper-personalization of content and operation.”


For these reasons, we at CrowdComfort took to heart the challenge that facility managers face every day: needing to be everywhere at once! In doing so, we quickly realized that the only intuitive approach would be to build a system which comfortably rested in their pocket—and the pockets of their tenants—wherever they went. As such, we were able to do some things that traditional facility management software simply can’t match:


  • Dynamic geo-messaging, wherein facility managers are automatically sent the location from which a report is filed, helping them pinpoint issues immediately.
  • Seamless inclusion of photographs into reports, taken directly from users’ smartphones. The saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” might be an understatement when it comes to quickly assessing the severity of a problem.


The results speak for themselves: GE has estimates that the CrowdComfort App shrinks the times related to these tasks by up to 80% simply by removing steps in the process. And, as mobile technology evolves and grows, so will CrowdComfort’s unique offering.


Like what you see? Get in touch with CrowdComfort today for a free consultation of your facilities’ needs and how we can help!

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