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“App Power” makes for an “App Planet



Welcome to the “Age of the App.”


You probably have friends, family, and colleagues —who everyday — introduce you to another app for your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Apps can be found any, and everywhere, all with the sole purpose of making your life a little easier.


The good folks over at Statista found an immense amount of data on mobile apps, and even higher numbers on human interaction with these apps.


Here’s a snapshot to get your attention:


  • There are over 1.6 million apps on the Google Play Store; 340,000 can be found on the Windows Phone Store; The Apple App store has a cumulative 100 billion app downloads


  • The worldwide app revenue in 2014 was $35 billion, and is projected to reach a revenue of $45 billion.


  • 92.9 billion free mobile apps have been downloaded.



The phrase “there’s an app for that” has never been more legitimized until recent years. One in five people own a smartphone, and more time is spent consuming media on a smartphone then a desktop computer.


So how has this trend become so global? Well, many companies and organizations offer an “app” platform to give consumers a mobile version of the products and services they love. Legacy media such as the New York Times, major banks, retailers, even transportation — in the form those lovable ride-share apps— can be “downloaded” as an app on a smartphone.


Apps have launched companies, like Instagram, to the top of the mobile stratosphere. Their social networking platform is almost completely mobile, but offers extremely powerful tools to share and connect with friends through photo and video. In 2014, Instagram was valued at $35 billion. It is also projected to have 680 million users by the year 2020.


CrowdComfort offers building occupants, and facility managers, a powerful mobile app to report several types of building issues. It utilities mobile tech such as geotagging, collaborative reporting, and updating to help facility managers enter the “app agenda.”


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