Announcing Another CrowdComfort Deployment….at T3 Advisors!!

Conference Room equipped with CrowdComfort geo-sensor

CrowdComfort is excited to announce its newest deployment at the Global headquarters of T3 Advisors in their Innovation Studio. T3 Advisors is a leader in real estate advisory services with customers that include LinkedIn, HubSpot, and Autodesk.


The company prides itself on providing unbiased advocacy and a high level of personal touch, helping companies identify real estate solutions that best fit their culture and growth trajectory. Additionally, they leverage their technical expertise to advise clients on new technology solutions, which is why they’re enthusiastic about CrowdComfort.


According to Senior VP Rimi Chakraborty, “there is a big opportunity for emerging enterprise SaaS companies like CrowdComfort. Our clients no longer want or need expensive and complex legacy software systems. We help them discover the lightweight, simple, and intuitive alternatives that better fit their needs.”


CrowdComfort Co-Founder and COO Kevin Loos agrees and explains that, “we are the future of office and facility management. In the past year we’ve engaged with over 150 real estate and facility leaders and we’ve discovered that most of these folks are unhappy with the legacy systems. They are paying a lot of money for complex software that no one knows how to use, with capabilities that hardly anyone leverages. This market is ripe for disruption, and we are well-positioned to capture this opportunity.”


The T3 Boston team will be leveraging CrowdComfort to report comfort, maintenance, and general feedback from employees and occupants. CrowdComfort is a great addition to T3’s Innovation Studio, where they showcase innovative technologies that contribute to a higher performing workspace. While hosting numerous clients and friends in their space, T3 can show how CrowdComfort enables real time, location based reporting and provides useful data to determine how the mobile-first solution can address key market needs.


For CrowdComfort, the trial will be an opportunity to get feedback from industry experts and identify other ways that the technology can be leveraged to create value for organizations.


Have any other ideas on how to use the CrowdComfort platform? Interested in learning more? Contact us at

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