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The 13 Mobile Enterprise Apps Enhancing HR

HR mobile app

Mobile applications are easing their way into enterprise operations, and help make HR responsibilities easier to manage.


There was a time when applying, interviewing, and being hired for a new job involved multiple visits to the employer and a lot of real-time, face-to-face interaction. Resumes and statistics were important, but the human element played a major role as well.


These days, as is true in so many fields, human resources (HR) is slowly conforming to the rapid growth of digitalization and even mobile applications. Even if a firm’s HR team still prefers to meet with potential candidates in person, once the person becomes a corporate number, that number can be tracked in any algorithm the smartphone generation cares to throw its way. From scheduling and time cards to payroll and benefit claims, mobile apps are becoming highly regarded in HR. Internal communications for employees to file reports, complaints, and provide day-to-day information has become extremely efficient and streamlined due to the “Digital Age.”


A number of HR programs have adopted the mobile stage, and HR-related apps continue to multiply at an impressive rate as the downloads are now ranging in the millions. This is because they offer enterprise and even the smallest businesses find an increase in productivity by reducing the time it takes to manage these Human Resources responsibilities.


Among the most popular mobile apps in HR include:

  • 123People.com is a search engine that is often used by both recruiters and sources to pull data on potential candidates from social media and other public sources, and then to share the results via email, Facebook or Twitter. As the app is already available in multiple languages (including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish), and is being positioned as a common source for international companies.


  • ADP Mobile Solutions is the mobile version of Automatic Data Processing Inc’s popular payroll service. The site includes tracking of time and attendance, benefits and personnel records, the encrypted, employer-controlled app lets employees clock in and out, look at pay stubs, request time off, review retirement savings accounts and more, all on their phones! ADP also offers a mobile payroll app called RUN for small and midsize companies that managers can use it to set pay rates, calculate earnings, deductions and taxes, preview payroll totals, enter vacation or sick time, and more.


  • BizX Mobile is the mobile extension of SuccessFactors’ BizX human capital management software suite. It can be used by recruiters to approve offers and requisitions and track candidate feedback. It can also be used by employees to look up organization charts, access personnel information, and collaborate on projects. Currently offered by SAP, the app is available in nearly 20 languages (including Portuguese, Romanian, and Thai) and is available to any of SuccessFactors’ 15 million users.


  • Cardmunch can be used by recruiters to read business cards using their smartphones. Simply take a picture of the card and data are transmitted to special servers where they are transcribed and entered in an address book. As the app was bought by LinkedIn, the information is also automatically linked to the user’s LinkedIn account.


  • Concur is a great app for workers who travel and want an efficient means of booking flights, tracking expenses, and creating expense reports. It can also help management approve such reports and bookings, and even perform audits.


  • Evernote Hello turns Evernote productivity software into a teched-out address book that can integrate phone photos, business card info, and personal notes in a completely searchable format.


  • Flexi is among the new wave of health benefit-related apps that have been developed to help employees access health savings and flexible spending. Users can update profiles, submit claims, and view pending claims, denials, balances, and their transaction history, all on their phones.


  • Kronos Workforce Mobile is the app version of Kronos’ workforce management software. It allows users to view and approve schedules or timecards and negotiate time-off requests, among other tasks. The app is currently available in English, Chinese, Dutch, French and Spanish and recently came out in an iPad edition.


  • Iappreciate comes from 85-year-old employee rewards and recognition program vendor O.C. Tanner Co., who intend it to bring social media into its product line. In addition to tracking such events as employee birthdays, work anniversaries, and recognition events, the app can even create certificates and encourage colleagues to send e-cards and even share special moments and milestones on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


  • LinkedIn is still the fastest-growing consumer service in the business networking space and the app only makes use and access easier and more efficient. There is also an app edition of the popular LinkedIn Recruiter program as well.


  • Lookup is the mobile version of Talent Bin’s search engine. Combing through a prospective candidate’s data on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks, the app combines the results in a single profile that recruiters can now access from anywhere.


  • Workday can be used in various formats (including iPhone and iPad) for performance and talent management and planning. Whether the employer wishes to view an employee’s skills, job history, compensation and succession plan or to monitor individual or group projects, the app helps managers and HR directors prioritize, set goals, and respond to alerts. Employees can also use the app to request time off, view pay stubs, submit expense receipts, view directories, send messages and more.


  • Yammer allows users to create private, secure internal social networks for communications and collaboration using smartphones and tablets. Employees can send and read individual and group messages, upload photos, and even find co-workers. Having been bought by Microsoft last year, Yammer is now integrated into its SharePoint business


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